The World's Crypto Liquidity In One Orderbook

Altcoin markets are highly fragmented. We aggregate exchanges and markets for each coin into a single Orderbook, so you can quickly discover true price and liquidity.

Welcome to the CoinFi Liquidity beta!

The CoinFi Liquidity beta currently supports aggregated order books for:

  • 6 Exchanges
    • Binance
    • OkEx
    • Huobi
    • Kucoin
    • HitBTC
  • The top 200 coins by market cap (approx.)

We’re extremely early in development and iterating quickly, so please use with the expectation that there will be bugs and missing features. We appreciate your patience!

Please send all feature requests, bug reports, and other feedback to [email protected]

You can also view and comment on other user suggestions on the CoinFi Liquidity Public Roadmap